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First North Jersey Nutritarian’s Meet Up at The Lifestyle Coaching Center

If you want to learn a new lifestyle, just hang out with people who eat, think and live the way you want and you will learn some really cool things and develop new habits by osmosis. That’s one reason we started The Lifestyle Coaching Center / online because we want people to see how it’s really done! We just held the first North Jersey Nutritarian Meet up at our center and had a pot luck nutrient rich meal with 3 new friends. Here it is in pictures and in video, like you were there yourself!

Next we’ll be uploading pictures of Tracy who lost 701bs this past year, upgrading her diet to nutrient rich!

Nutrient Density is the Key to Good Healthy Eating Plan

A rag mag about health found it’s way into my gym (strangely) and it just blew me a way. It made sense! Mind boggled by a sense of clarity about healthy eating, like I had never experienced before, I took a trip to an event. It was then and there that I was introduced to a whole new world of health information and one of the guys leading the charge was Dr. Fuhrman. Needless to say, I did not feel healthy, living and eating the way I was, so I opened my mind and the rest was history.

Powerful Day at Dr Fuhrman’s Health Getaway!

Wow, What a day! First Dr Fuhrman talked about Food Addictions and Weight Loss and the moral of the story is this: Unless you understand the underlying science and dynamics of food addiction and weight loss, you wont really understand how to lose weight safely, fast and sustainably. For example: There are Four Dimensions of …

Powerful Day at Dr Fuhrman’s Health Getaway! Read More »

In Overwhelming Support of a Plant-Based Diet

And this is the same point Joel Fuhrman, MD, author of Eat For Health: Lose Weight, Keep It Off, Look Younger, Live Longer (Gift of Health Press, 2008), tried to hammer home during an in-person interview yesterday. To live your best, lose weight, and help prevent cancer and other common “American” diseases, you have to eat micronutrients, found mostly in leafy green vegetables, and not submit your body to a toxic digestive cycle that ebbs between food addictions and empty calories on a tide of animal products, flours, sugars, salts, and other non-plant-based products.

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